Miracles in Kona

Youth with a mission has completely changed my life… I know it’s been a few weeks since i’ve updated my blog and if I tried to list every single thing i’ve experienced and everything God has done in my life in that time, it would take forever. 

My second week here a girl got healed, awesome way to start off huh? lol. During ministry night, the speaker asked if there was anyone that needed healing and a girl I met the week before and prayed with multiple times raised her hand. A bunch of people gathered around her, and just started praying for her.. After they prayed for her, she went forward and shared about her condition, her spine was in the shape of an upside down question mark and she was in A LOT of pain because of that.. She was supposed to have surgery on her spine and IF the surgery went well, she would have been in a wheel chair for 6 months… She went on to say that, when everyone started praying for her, she felt a pop in her spine and just like that the pain left! Talk about a miracle! I wasn’t really skeptical but I was super curious, so I kept following up with her to see how she was feeling, and she is still to this day completely pain free!!! Can I get a Hallelujah?!

As amazing as this sounds, I was still kind of like, “that’s awesome, thank God.. But I don’t think this can happen to me”

I kept praying and seeking God’s face. That healing and tons of others that happened that night, and others that happened before that really opened my eyes to God’s power, and the power of prayer. I was beginning to get a taste of some of the things I read about in the bible and because of this, I had such a hunger for God..

I’ve struggled with ovarian cysts for a while and during class one day, one/multiple of those cysts ruptured… My tummy started to swell, and I literally wanted to faint because of how much pain I was feeling. I kept trying to ignore it, but minute by minute, it progressively got worse. When I had enough, I slowly made my way to the front of class. Bawling in front of my peers and leaders I asked everyone to pray for me… They crowed around me and just started praying, and praying, and praying…  When they stopped, I made my way to my seat.. While I was walking back to my seat, it literally felt as if someone was literally holding my side but NO ONE was around me.. It literally felt as if a physical hand was resting exactly where I felt the intense pain.. (no.. it wasn’t mine.. lol). So I sat down and just like that, I felt the swelling go down… Then, the pain left… I just sat there in shock like… “what in the heavenly name of Jesus just happened to me…”    I have never experienced anything like that in my entire life… Ever….  You can imagine how shocked I was.. It’s one thing to see someone get healed but another to get healed yourself! 

 And to think that’s just ONE of the many things I experienced here… Between random people coming to me and just telling me things only God knew about me, even things I prayed about minutes before… Seeing miracles happen with my very own eyes… Seeing young people, people my age and under, so on fire for God and totally convinced that they WILL impact the nations and their home countries. Pastor and missionary kids, people with loads of tattoos and piercings, Fitness junkies, lawyers, Musicians, IT technicans, you name it.. they are here.. Though they are all so different, and come from completely different backgrounds.. The one thing they have in common is that they are willing to give up everything just to go in to the most unreached places and serve people by bringing food, water, build relationships, provid health care, and share the gospel with these people…  Not for some crazy reward but because they literally love these people… Because they want the best for these people…

All in all, these few weeks have taught me the importance of seeing myself the way God sees me.. To walk away from the negative things that were spoken over me, the labels that were given to me, and the box I’ve always placed myself in..  I’m learning to dream big…  To climb out of the box of impossibilities that I’ve put myself in and actually learn how to fight for the things God has laid on my heart. Now I can truly say, I am no longer a slave to the person I used to be..

When we are not in work-duty/lectures/ministry night/family groups/community outreach etc. we like to let go and have fun.. This is a vid of one of our Family nights.

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