No longer a slave

Super cliche, I know… lol But it’s crazy how much these past couple of weeks have taught me so much about not being a slave to my past. I’ve experienced quite a few things that completely shifted my life forever. Because of that I believed the lies that the enemy as well as, the lies that others have spoken over me. I allowed my past experiences and my own broken state dictate the way I acted, the way I treated people, and so much more..

Just like a lot of other people, I endured different forms of abuse…  I always knew that I was a conqueror, I just never really allowed God to truly heal me from those traumatic experiences. 

My life was completely wrecked (in a good way) week before last. We had a teaching on identity and  I had NO idea how much I used my past experiences, and the things spoken over me as an excuse to limit myself… It was as if I was confined to a box of misery.. Allowing the shame, guilt, bitterness and hatred to shape me. I thought my brokenness was a badge of honor. Not realising that my so called “battle scars”, were actually festering wounds that affected every single person that know and love me..

During that week, it was like God ripped off the band-aid from my “festering wound”  and allowed it breathe, he cleaned it up, and healed it.. Pretty graphic I know but that’s the only way I can describe it.. It was soo painful but I was so willing to do whatever it took to be free and to blossom into the person God wanted me to be .. The person I’ve always wanted to be… It’s funny how we assume God wants us to be someone we completely hate.. Most times, the person that we in the very depths of our heart desire to be.. That’s usually the person God has called us to be. He places those desires in our heart.. (crazy huh?) I’m not talking about the desires that completely go against God’s character & what his word says…

For example:

As a child, I always knew that I was meant to help people… With all of my heart I wanted to be wise, loving, understanding, and patient.. I wanted to mother children and teens ( take them in as my own). That was my usual prayers when I was between the ages of 5-15.. 

Now, all these years later i’m here with YWAM training to be a missionary.. & Eventually will be finishing up my degree in counseling.

I literally surrendered my pain to God and began to speak out the truths of who he says I am.. It’s amazing how much he comforted me in this time and how much he spoke life into me… Even bringing random people to pray for me and prophecy over me… It was amazing…

Last week was on the Holy Spirit and it meshed so well with the week on Identity.  If the week on identity was the ripping off of the band-aid and the cleaning up of the wound… The week on Holy Spirit was the healing!  I got to see the nature and characteristics of the Holy Spirit… And through this God showed me how much he loves and cares for me… How much he wanted to heal my heart.. And even revealed to me that in those dark times, he was there every step of the way…. Protecting me from what could have been the death of me….  I had so many encounters with God these past couple of weeks that now, I am totally transformed… My view on myself and God has completely shifted.. I just love everything about Him..

I really hope you enjoyed the post! Will send another next week. If you want to talk more about my personal journey with God or have any questions at all about YWAM or how I overcame the abuse send an email to the below email address and I would be more than happy to answer any questions have! 

With Love, 

T Olivia

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