Seven day challenge – Uncharted Jungle (Day 1)

My Pastor challenged my church to take the next seven days and “fast” from social media, movies, well entertainment in general. He asked us to just seek God whole-heartedly and watch what happens..
This is my journey.

Day 1 – Sunday:

I woke up a little confused. I was at a crossroads. . Something I believed was greater than a promise God had for my life presented itself to me. I was lost, bitter and tired of hoping for the impossible. . I began to flirt with the thought of embarking on a path outside of this promise. . Almost like the story of Abraham and Sarah where God promised a child to them, which seemed impossible because Sarah was almost 100! So they took matters into their own hands. . Sarah decided that the best way for her to have a child is for her husband to sleep with her “hand-servant” Hagar in order to bring forth a child. That child was Ishmael. A child outside of God’s promise to Abraham (Click for passage) .. Though Ishmael was still a blessing, he was not the promise that God had for Abraham and this caused quite a bit of chaos.. God showed me I was on the path of creating an Ishmael. . (No, not literally. . .)

I was at a crossroads, on one side there was a path created by God and on the other there was a path I paved myself. . Funny enough, mine seemed almost certain, predictable and “tamable” but God’s path seemed unpaved, uncharted and wild.

In church I asked for prayer about something unrelated and ended up getting more than I bargained for. I cried as the lady prophesied the peace of the Lord over my mind and soul. As she reminded me of the love of the Father, I couldn’t help but release the buried pain my heart felt. I explained to God exactly how impossible and unattainable His promise was, as if He wasn’t the God who “Parted the Red Sea” in my life, many, many times before. . . He reminded me through the service and through an elder in my church that I should not be weary and that He is able to do the impossible. . .

I got home and through conversation with someone close to me, I came to understand why I was constantly at this crossroads. This ran deeper than the promise. . . It was from my past. . . I came to understand that I embraced 20+ years of a prison of broken promises and unfulfilled dreams and goals. When things became too difficult for me I walked away.. I hated the process of waiting and wanting because I felt that if I had to fight for something, it wasn’t worth having.

So, I chose to repent. . . To let go. . . To surrender my preconceived notion for my life. I chose to embark on a journey through the uncharted jungle, one filled with mystery and hope.

My prayer for you today beloved ones is that you will not grow weary in doing good. . . That you would patiently await the promise that God has for your life and if you do not know the promises that God has for you, I pray that He reveals them to you. . . That you begin to dream with Him again. . .

Galatians 6:9

9 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

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