The Beauty Of Adversity.

Some of the most beautiful things are birthed in or after adversity, thus becoming a symbol of hope and redemption. It’s crucial to note that “In God, the worst things are never the last things for those who believe.”. So I choose to believe that my present and my future will surpass that of my past. I choose to believe my dreams are at arms reach and the giant named fear no longer stands in the way of them. I choose to soar when others say it’s impossible. I choose to live my life in a way that challenges the status quo. I choose to love the ”unlovable” because I too was the “unlovable”. I choose to forgive those who hurt me and let go of the pain they inflicted upon me. I choose to love myself well because I can’t ask someone to give me what I won’t give myself. I choose to believe that the worst is not the last, but a catalyst to my best. I choose to blossom, though I’ve always been told I couldn’t. I pray you do too.🌺

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