The Cage Free Journey

I’ve been learning that mistakes are not the end of the world, and that true failure happens when you do not get up and learn from your mistakes. God isn’t afraid of my mistakes. Therefore neither should I be. He’s been showing me that my greatest desire and delight should be to live in intimacy with Him, allowing the aroma of my life in the secret place with Him to be the fragrance that pours out of me. When you spend time with the one who is Love, you can’t help but become more like the Lover Himself. The Great Lover does not hold to shame or fear, so neither should I. 2019 is going to be a year of new opportunities for me. I will be walking in the healing and wholeness I received in 2018. It doesn’t mean that I am to forget my past, it’s that now these memories will be visited with compassion and hope, knowing that I am no longer walking through the pain, but that I am now whole. #Thecagefreejourney

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