Freedom’s Awakening

The prayers being raised for baby olive has done something beautiful in me.

I have been slowly falling into the welcoming arms of disbelief and despair only to be met by the reality of who God is, woven into the fabric of the lives of other believers. Time and time again God has not failed to remind me of His love for me and the importance of me choosing to be a daughter first in all things.

The prayers for the beautiful baby Olive truly awakened something in me. It awakened the courage to believe that God can do all things, even if I am the only one who believes, a truth I have long chosen to relinquish all partnership with. A truth that states He is good in spite of the lies the enemy has tattooed on my heart. A truth that once pushed me to a faith that has been the birthplace of many miracles, wonders and lives impacted. A truth that is found when we look into the eyes of the one that never ceases to take our breath away, the eyes of the lover himself, Jesus.

We are to choose, choose to be courageous and stand in the face of disbelief and our fears. Choose, in boldness, to remind the enemy that we are so much more than our pasts, our realities, the abuse, the lies, the shame, the fear, the heartbreak, the betrayal, the opinions, our mistakes, and his plans. We serve a God who not only longs to see us live a life of obedience but a life of freedom… freedom from the noose the enemy has so craftily placed around our necks. 


Beloved, you are so much more than what you think. You were handcrafted for a purpose that is unique and unlike any other on this earth. You are the dearly loved of the one who gave it all for you. The one who said you were not worthless but worth dying for.

I pray that you will awaken to see the undeniable truth of what you mean to the one who created you.

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